The iDrive® UNO CV is a highly integrated, compact single-channel driver for constant voltage high power lighting applications, which demand precision dimming control.

The UNO-CV offers a multitude of network control protocols including DALI/DSI & DMX/RDM and incorporates a high current, single LED constant voltage output. The iDrive® UNO caters to the needs of numerous SSL applications, including retail, architectural, commercial and signage.

Operating with a wide input supply voltage range of 10.5- 27V DC, it can control 12V up to 27V constant voltage LED strips on each output. Utilising high current input & output screw-terminal connectors enables the UNO-CV to be easily integrated into lighting systems.

The UNO-CV series is enclosed in a compact plastic chassis that incorporates cable strain relief end-caps for extra safe installations.


This model combines DMX/RDM & DALI/DSI dimming control protocols and opens full two-way communications. The UNO-CV offers 90+ commands compliant to BS EN 62386 and over 50 RDM commands in the ANSI E1.20 standard.


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